Results 2023

After 3 Days with 16 Rounds on the Slope the Winners are:

Pilots Classification:
1. Pierre Rondel (FRA)
2. Markus Meissner (SUI)
3. Roland Henninot (FRA)

Team Classification:
1. Czech Team (Radovan Plch, Jiri Soucek, Tomas Winkler)
2. Schwaben (Thorsten Folkers, Siegfried Schedel, Tobias Reik)
3. JURALS (Pierre Rondel, Mickael Brahier, Serge Delarbre)

Detailed Results on F3Xvault.



French Drone Regulation

Dear Competitors,

Due to the drone regulation in France, it is no longer sufficient to register the models with Alphatango ( this year.
In order not to have to fly with a transponder it is necessary to be a temporary member of the French Federation.
The association offers us this free of charge and unbureaucratically.

But what we now urgently need from you is your name, date of birth and -if possible- your postal address.

Hence the urgent request:
Send a Mail to with the next lines filled out.
We will transfer the collected data on May 15th. handed over to the FFAM

- First name:
- Last name:
- Birth date:

- Street + No.:
- ZIP + City:
- Country:

Thanks for your support.
We'll see you on the slope!

Best regards
Jacky & Tobias


Additional Informations:

Guide-Guest-Pilots-France-2023.pdf (2,44 mb)

Guide-Gast-Piloten-Frankreich-2023.pdf (4,29 mb)

RC-Network Open F3F 2023

The Date is fixed and the Competition in 2023 will be done from 26. - 28.05.2022


The Registration will open on F3Xvault at 01.02.2023 18:00 CET / UTC+1 (Central European Time)


The Competition is limited to 40 Senior Participants. There is no limitation for Juniors.



Result 2022

After 3 Days with 7 Rounds on the Slope, with all that makes Slopesoaring awesome (Wind above 20m/s to beautiful Thermal flying) the Winners are:

Pilots Classification:
1. Jerzy Mataczyno (POL)
2. Pierre Rondel (FRA)
3. Stefan Fraundorfer (AUT)

Team Classification:
1. AUSTRIA (Fraundorfer, Rath, Aigner)
2. TiTime Junge Wurst (Mataczyno, Gryszko, Borkowicz)
3. F3F Swiss Pilots 1 (Würmlim Bertschi, Geesing)

Detailed Results on F3Xvault.